"We Hacked The Grape"

Pearson Brothers Winery started as an idea in 2010 when Michael Pearson, a flightrescue nurse and passionate winemaker embarked on a dream to make a perfect wine.  Using his combination of medical experience and winemaking knowledge, he combined tradition with innovation and created an entirely new class of wine. This wine would not use grapes, but rather a blend of all natural ingredients to replicate what a grape gives us.  With no grapes to identify it, and not enough honey to meet the standards of a Mead, the wine needed its own category. The new style of wine is called Saccharo after the Latin term “from sugar” as the theory goes; all wine is fermented sugars from agriculture. Over the years he refined his Saccharo Winecrafting technique until his blend of Wildflower Honey, Valencia Orange, and Indonesian Vanilla, was transformed into a delicious and smooth white wine.

Once he had perfected his Saccharo Private Reserve he partnered up with his brother Dale and they created the winery. Our new Saccharo Wine hit the market in 2015 and has been a hit ever since. Our wine started as a passion to create something unique and fantastic for our friends and family. It was made first as a true Private Reserve, but our friends told us it was too good to keep a secret so here we are today. This is a true family owned business with a high attention to detail and deep pride in the product we produce. We spare no expense on any part of our process to create our Private Reserve, just like we would make it for our family. Currently our Saccharo can be found in many locations in Southern California! Please click on our LOCATIONS page for an up to date list of locations in a city near you. Thank You!